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Transport and Delivery


Your container is delivered typically within 2-3 days. If it’s urgent, speak to us about same day delivery.

Delivery methods

We offer a range of options to deliver your container. We will chat with you during the quoting process to ensure we use the most efficient offloading method based on your site’s requirements.


Side Loader Container Delivery
The most common delivery method. The semi-trailer picks up the container at each end, then lowers it to the right side of the truck’s tray. Clearance minimums:
Height – 4.5m
Width – 6m
Length – 16m


Tilt Tray Container Delivery
As the name suggests, the tray tilts to so the container slowly slides off the back of the tray. A tilt tray is a great option where width at the container delivery point is limited. Clearance minimums:
Height – 4.8m
Width – 3m
Length – 20m


Hiab Container Delivery (Crane Truck)
If the space you want the container to sit is too small for a side loader or tilt tray, then the Hiab is best as its mounted crane lifts the container upwards or on an angle. It can also be used to lift the container over obstacles such as fences. Clearance minimums:
Height – 6.5m (approximate height for the crane arm to operate)
Width – 3m
Length – 15m


Semi Trailer (Flatbed) Container Delivery
This option is only for those who have a forklift or crane onsite that is capable of safely lifting the container off the back of the Flatbed.

Plan ahead

Position of container

  • Find a level surface (otherwise you may experience trouble opening the doors)
  • Establish where you want the door to be and advise us
  • Work out what can you use for blocks to raise the container off the ground to help prevent moisture. Alternatively, see if there is a flat gravel bed the container can sit on to encourage drainage

Access to site

  • Consider obstacles such as low tree branches, power and phone lines, house eaves, fences and advise us
  • The delivery truck is heavy so it’s crucial to check the ground the truck will drive over to get to get to the unload location ahead of time. Is it soft or boggy? Is the driveway narrow?
  • Consider if there are any council or other restrictions that need adhering to

Don’t worry; we are here to guide you through the entire process. Contact us to discuss your requirements



If you’re interest in one of our many services, please fill out this form with your HIRE, BUY or MODIFY requirements and we’ll get back to you. Need to discuss options?

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