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You’ll find that most containers come with hardwood floors. While this is great for shipping, it’s often the case that years of punishing treatment have left them in less than stellar condition. You might even find they simply don’t deliver the look and functionality you desire. Check out our range of flooring solutions which includes wood, carpet, vinyl and everything in between.

The ideal flooring solution at the right price

Get the most from your container by investing in a flooring solution that is going fit your needs long-term, and works in harmony with the aesthetics of inside of your container.

Also worth considering is the fact that most containers have hardwood floors that have been treated using pesticides (information of floor treatment can be found on the container safe convention plate which is attached to the door). Dependent on the intended purpose of your container, this could be less than ideal.

Flooring options –

  • Carpet: Great for added warmth and dampening sound, carpet is the perfect way to create a polished look inside your container. Think about how you plan to use the space long-term when choosing your colours, fibre type, pile and durability
  • Vinyl: Long gone are the vinyl tiles that saturated the market in the 80s. Today's vinyl floor options include a range of colours, patterns and natural looks. They offer excellent durability and come with a small price tag
  • Steel: A wise choice if rust or rotting is of concern. Diamond plates are used in foot-traffic areas to prevent slipping
  • Bamboo: A sustainable option which is often chosen for its low-cost and hard wearing properties
  • Wood: Create a visually spectacular environment with polished wood floors. We offer a variety of woods and stains to complement the space perfectly

Talk to us now about your flooring requirements.



Don't let Australia's temperatures make you uncomfortable – add an A/C to make your space a sanctuary.


Increase ventilation for comfort and safety.


Transform your container into more of a livable space by protecting from external temperature fluctuation.


The popular affordable mobile solution for an office, custom built to suit your needs.


Respray your container to be on-brand or to create a bright and bold new look.


Increase storage space and get organised with our robust shelving solutions.


Bring the outside in with windows cut to your specifications. Add screens and bars to suit.


Customised installations designed to cater to your creature comfort needs.


Protect your container's padlock from thieves, vandals and the elements with a lockbox.


Choose from wood, carpet, vinyl and other practical flooring options to complete your container's look and feel.


Create a bright, functional space by adding doors to your container.


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