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For extra long, wide, high and heavy objects

Our 40ft Flat Rack container provides a convenient and safe way to transport and store exceptionally large objects. Commonly used by the industrial sector, they also provide a practical handling solution for vehicles and boats of considerable size. The choice between Collapsible or Fixed-Ends gives you the option of moving longer items, and ease of storage while it’s not in use. For handling loads with extreme weight, choose steel flooring over wood.

Size and configurations to suit a variety of needs

The 40ft offers a practical containerization solution for your impractical items such as ultra-heavy objects with large dimensions. The containers also come in a variety of configurations so you can get the best fit for your needs. Options -

  • Fixed-Ends: As pictured, the container has fixed-end walls but no side walls. This configuration suits wide-loads
  • Collapsible Ends: Collapsible end walls and no side walls. This option is great for moving heavy, wide-loads and has the flexibility to cater for items with extra length. Conveniently, the container can be stored flat when not in use

Made from high tensile Corten steel and protected by rust-resistant paint. Steel or timber floors are also available depending on the weight your Flat Racks need to support.

Buying a 40ft Flat Rack container is the perfect way to ensure you get a long-term purpose-built solution. Get a quote today on purchasing a National Container.

40ft Flat Rack containers are commonly used for:

  • Transporting oversized materials such as steel cables, coil, piping, metal sheets
  • Moving large industrial parts, heavy machinery, engines
  • Transporting large multiple machinery such as bulldozers, diggers, trucks
  • Transporting and storing large boats, yachts, campervans, cars

40ft Flat Rack Container Features

  • Fixed-end or collapsable end options
  • Heavy-duty lashing rings
  • Wood on steel flooring options
  • Collapsable ends allow for compact storage
  • Corten Steel
  • Strong loading capacity
  • Rust-resistant paint for erosion prevention
  • Available in a range of colours

We offer low-cost, competitive prices on customising the shipping container to suit your requirements. If you need a modification that isn't listed, please contact us to discuss.


Respray your container to be on-brand or to create a bright and bold new look.


Choose from wood, carpet, vinyl and other practical flooring options to complete your container's look and feel.
Dimensions - External12.19m (40’) Long x 2.44m (8’) Wide x (Variable Height)
Dimensions - InternalVaries based on configuration, enquire for more details
IMPORTANT*Dimensions may vary slightly between containers
WeightVaries based on configuration, enquire for more details
AvailabilityUsually within 2-3 days, within 24 hours on request (dependant on transport availability)
GradeA, B, & C graded containers available (A is the highest quality, C is the most economical)



Catering for extra-wide or unusually-shaped items that won’t fit in a General Purpose or Open Top container.


The heavy-weight all-rounder is the most popular choice for shifting ultra-heavy objects with an unusual shape or width.


If you’re interest in one of our many services, please fill out this form with your HIRE, BUY or MODIFY requirements and we’ll get back to you. Need to discuss options?

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