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Safely moving large volumes of hazardous materials

The 40ft steel container offers a weather-proof, well ventilated spacious area to house large quantities of dangerous goods. Dangerous Goods (DGs) containers are designed to protect your team, the public and the environment from the toxic, hazardous products the container holds. Containers comply with Australian Hazardous Goods Regulations and provide you with peace of mind that you’re taking all necessary precautions.

Reduce the risks associated with storing DGs

We understand the importance of efficient ventilation, maintaining a lower inside temperature, minimising leakage and exposure to hazardous, dangerous and toxic materials. To help reduce the risks involved with handling DGs, our containers are made from impenetrable steel, high-security double doors, and are designed to contain or safely drain spills. Each DG container is compliant with Australian Standards (AS-1940-2004) and can store Class 3 Dangerous Goods.

Buying a 40ft container is the safe way to store your large amounts of dangerous materials long term. Get a quote today on purchasing a National Container.

40ft Dangerous Goods containers are commonly used for:

  • Safe transport and storage of paints, diesel, pesticides, fertilisers, glues, antifreeze, pool chemicals, battery acid, brake fluid
  • Safe housing of flammables like petrol
  • Waste products
  • Secure shipping of gas cylinders
  • Storage of materials by paint businesses
  • On-site or at home lock up of non-DGs

Buying a container provides a long-term solution with maximum cost efficiency and the flexibility to make it your own. For more information, please contact us – we are here to help.

40ft Dangerous Goods Container Features

  • Built to Australian Standard AS1940-2004
  • Hazardous Goods Class 3 Flammable Liquid Containers
  • 3/4" stainless steel valve tap
  • Floor and ceiling ventilation grills
  • Bunded flooring
  • High security doors
  • Internal door emergency release
  • Weatherproof, water-tight storage
  • Rust-resistant paint for erosion prevention
  • Available in a range of colours

Buying a container gives you the opportunity to tailor it to your precise needs. Modifications are our expertise. We offer competitively priced standard alterations such as adding shelving, electrical fit-outs, and resprays to match your brand. If you want a modification that isn't listed, we'd love to hear from you; please contact us.


Respray your container to be on-brand or to create a bright and bold new look.


Increase ventilation for comfort and safety.


Customised installations designed to cater to your creature comfort needs.


Create a bright, functional space by adding doors to your container.


Increase storage space and get organised with our robust shelving solutions.


Transform your container into more of a livable space by protecting from external temperature fluctuation.


Choose from wood, carpet, vinyl and other practical flooring options to complete your container's look and feel.


Protect your container's padlock from thieves, vandals and the elements with a lockbox.
Dimensions - External12.19m (40’) Long x 2.44m (8’) Wide x 2.94m (9’6”) High
Dimensions - Internal11.66m (38’3”) Long x 2.24m (7’3”) Wide x 2.50m (8’2”) High
IMPORTANT*Dimensions may vary slightly between containers
Weight3,740kgs (3.74 tonnes)
AccessDouble doors, full width one end
ConditionCosmetically tidy, fully waterproof + fitted with Lockbox (protects padlocks from bolt cutter removal)
AvailabilityUsually within 2-3 days, within 24 hours on request (dependant on transport availability)
GradeA, B, & C graded containers available (A is the highest quality, C is the most economical)



Safely transport and store your hazardous materials on-site or at home.


Offering bulk storage or a spacious layout for your hazardous, dangerous and toxic materials.


If you’re interest in one of our many services, please fill out this form with your HIRE, BUY or MODIFY requirements and we’ll get back to you. Need to discuss options?

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