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More room and more ways to load it

Buying a 20ft Open Top container is a cost-effective solution with added flexibility thanks to its removable roof which provides an additional loading point. Once the hard top or soft top roof is open, loading and unloading can be done efficiently using a crane or forklift. These containers provide a necessary transport and storage option in instances where oversized items are too tall for a High Cube container, or rigid sidewalls are required for the increased security they offer over a Flat Rack container. Open Top containers are also a popular option for creating container swimming pools.

Secure storage of over height items and rapid loading

The most popular storage container length has roof and rear access for fast loading and unloading of its cargo. Its accessibility is what makes this container such a firm favourite with manufacturers the world over.

Roof options -

  • Soft top: The roof is made from tarpaulin and is supported by removable steel roof bows and a swing header. This is the best option for oversize items
  • Hard top: The steel roof is often preferred by manufacturers who use Open Tops for their fast loading times and want the protection a rigid roof provides

The rest of the container is constructed with high tensile corrugated steel and protected with rust-resistant paint so it can withstand Australia's harsh conditions.

20ft Open Top containers are commonly used for:

  • Storing oversize industrial materials such as metal, steel, pipes and iron ore
  • Transporting minerals and scrap materials
  • Commercial storage and shipping where loading options are limited
  • Securing oversize machinery, equipment and materials
  • Protected storage and transportation of trees
  • Container swimming pools

Buying a 20ft container is a fantastic, low-cost solution for a variety of purposes. Get a quote today on purchasing a National Container.

20ft Open Top Container Features

  • TIR or PVC tarpaulin top or steel roof options
  • Load via roof or doors
  • Moveable door header
  • Heavy-duty lashing rings
  • Corten Steel
  • Timber flooring
  • Rust-resistant paint for erosion prevention
  • Available in a range of colours

We offer low-cost, competitive prices on customising the shipping container to suit your requirements. If you need a modification that isn't listed, please contact us to discuss.


Respray your container to be on-brand or to create a bright and bold new look.

Flat Rack containers have different options which dictate its final weight and dimensions. For professional advice on which options are best for you, please contact us.

Dimensions - External6.06m (20’) Long x 2.44m (8’) Wide x 2.59m (8’5”) High (Variable Height)
Dimensions - Internal5.87m (19’3”) Long x 2.33m (7’7”) Wide x 2.25m (7’4”) High (Variable Height)
IMPORTANT*Dimensions may vary slightly between containers
WeightVaries based on configuration, enquire for more details
AvailabilityUsually within 2-3 days, within 24 hours on request (dependant on transport availability)
GradeA, B, & C graded containers available (A is the highest quality, C is the most economical)



A handy multi-purpose container with a removable roof which allows cranes and forklifts to load through the top efficiently.


Maximum length storage with the security of rigid walls and the flexibility of an open top.


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